One pedagogy – many practices: variations on formal and enacted curricula in Steiner/Waldorf schools

Ruhi Tyson


This article focuses on the problems and potentials inherent in including significant deviations from the standard Steiner/Waldorf curriculum in publications that present it. The main issue lies with the apparent homogeneity that current practice suggests when a closer look demonstrates a significant variety of formal and enacted Steiner/Waldorf curricula. Two of these are discussed more closely, the formal curriculum of the Hibernia school that integrates vocational education and Steiner/Waldorf education and Wilfried Kessler’s enacted social development curriculum. Based on these it is concluded that the emphasis on a singular curriculum serves to inhibit innovation and development, makes it more difficult for novice students to understand the dynamic character of foundational concepts in Steiner/Waldorf education and generally argues that we need to make a more systematic effort to promote pluralism in curriculum and didactics research as well as practice.

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