The role of the ‚guiding educator‘ in the student group for citizen training-action

Leandro Alves Lopes


The Student organization is fundamental to the establishment of the educational community, democratic management, and the exercise of values and principles that strengthen the culture of rights. One way of having the student organization is the association or guild, ensured by the legislation since 1985. However, it is necessary that this instance of participation is fully assumed by the students. In the city of São Paulo, an ordinance standardizes its existence and establishes that the role of the Student Union advisor should be occupied by an adult chosen by the students. In this article, we seek to analyze the mediation processes in a teacher‘s narrative about her role as an advisor with students from the Municipal Elementary Education School of the Centro Educacional Unificado Butantã, which was engaged in building a union.
The methodological strategies used were observation and yarning circle with semi-structured questions analyzed from Social Pedagogy theoretical frameworks. It is possible to observe the contradictions and mediation strategies involved in exercising the role of the guiding teacher and their impact on promoting youth protagonism and autonomy in the students of the guild.

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