Eurocentrism in Steiner/Waldorf education – a literature review and postcolonial critique


  • Ruhi Tyson


Steiner/Waldorf education has seen an increasing discussion regarding Eurocentrism, especially with regards to the so-called theory of cultural epochs that can be found in anthroposophy. This paper is an attempt to present a complete review of current research and the various perspectives represented in it. The framework is, roughly, postcolonial theory and its critique of Eurocentrism masking itself as universalizations as well as essentialisms. The review is structured into four categories: research on postcolonial frameworks and globalization; research on subject-didactics from a decolonial perspective, especially history and language; research on integrating Steiner education with indigenous education and intercultural education; and critical studies regarding the concept of the human being in Steiner education. It concludes with a discussion of the commonalities and differences between the various perspectives represented as well as some thoughts on themes left large unexplored.




Fundamentals / Grundlagen / Peer Reviewed Articles