Perception Vignettes – A Phenomenological Method in (Waldorf) Pedagogical Training


  • Ulrike Barth and Angelika Wiehl


Perception vignettes emerge from a phenomenological-reflective method rooted in phenomenology. They are applied in the training and practice of educators, childcare providers, teachers, and curative teachers to perceive the uniqueness of an individual, be it a child, adolescent, or adult, through specific moments and occurrences. This newly developed methodology encompasses phenomenological observation and description, along with three phases of reflection. In the bachelor’s program, we emphasize phenomenological work, productive exercises, and corresponding activities. In the master‘s program, we delve deeper into reflections to gain insights into one‘s own attitude and approach, as well as to develop a comprehensive and individualized diagnostic understanding. This article introduces the theoretical foundations, methods, and applications of working with perception vignettes (continuously numbered as PV).




Empirical Research / Beiträge zur empirischen Forschung / Peer Reviewed Articles