The process of setting up a research participant in the CEU Butantã

Orlando Coelho Barbosa, Maria Ricardina Brandão, Paulo Ricardo Giaquinto


In this article we will discuss stages of the research carried out at CEU Butantã, considering the formative character present in the process of establishing a participatory approach to research. This process, which involved the construction of a broad and diverse group, originally made up of researchers united around the same research objective, which, later on, through actions directed towards this end, began to incorporate social actors from the context to be studied, to provide a collaborative attitude among all those involved. For the authors, this discussion is pertinent because it allows the unveiling of possible conflicts, resistances, and preconceptions that may come to light when one intends to carry out participating research in the area of Education that for its realization required looks from other areas of knowledge such as Architecture, Psychology, and Sociology.

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