Empirische Forschungen zur Waldorfpädagogik


  • Jürgen Peters


After a long period of “empirical abstinence” numerous empirical studies on the practice of Waldorf education in schools and kindergartens are now available. The present article provides a thematically structured overview of the empirical studies in Waldorf education in German and English Language. The frequency of empirical studies on Waldorf education increased significantly from the mid-1990s and reached its preliminary peak in the period from 2011 to 2015. It remains to be seen whether the slight decrease in the number of empirical studies over the past five years already indicates a saturation effect. Regardless of this, individual subject areas such as teacher training or interculturality and inclusion have increasingly come into focus in recent years.




Empirical Research / Beiträge zur empirischen Forschung / Peer Reviewed Articles